What would you say?

We’re living on a sailboat!


I read a blog post not too long ago titled “When You Marry Someone Crazier than You Are” and I have unashamedly stolen that line when explaining my life to others.

( http://theplanetd.com/?s=when+you+marry+someone+crazier+than+you+are )

I found this blog because I was googling things like …

living on a sailboat
dogs on sailboats
cooking in a galley
liveaboard fees

In August of 2016 my husband received word that the Navy would be moving us across country to beautiful San Diego. It was exactly what we wanted, what we had asked for, and we were so excited.

A few weeks later I was in the Baltimore airport talking on the phone with my lovely husband before I jumped on a plane to work. Our conversation went something like this:

Lovely Husband: “So… what would you say if I asked you to live on a boat in San Diego?”

Me: “… No. You are out of your damn mind.”

Him: “Okay, great, we’ll talk about it later, love you, bye.”

And that’s how 6 months later I find myself as the proud co-owner of a 1974 Westsail 42. We are currently living in organized chaos as we simultaneously move ourselves, our stuff, and the dog in, clean everything, fix some things, and learn how everything works. But right now I’m ignoring the to do list and am enjoying some tea, puppy dog cuddles, and the gentle rocking of our sailboat.


The decision to jump into this adventure has been met with varying degrees of skepticism and confusion or excitement and jealousy. People have asked us why we are choosing to live on a boat, how it works, and the most asked question: but what about the dog?! So I decided to document our adventure via blog. I’ll attempt to answer questions and keep our friends and family up to date with posts and photographic evidence that the dog is indeed okay. But my main motivation for writing is largely selfish. These are supposedly some of the best days of our lives and I don’t want to forget anything.

So for now, here are a few photos. And yes, Amber is doing just fine here. 20170225_100949.jpg

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